Being spolit for choice in New York City beauty fashion and lifetsyle blogger Samantha Taylor shares her curated fall health and beauty tips such as cryotherapy benefits and the best places to workout including SLT NYC and Barrys Bootcamp | noircreativegroup
I have recently been having regular cryotherapy sessions at Advanced Cryo New York City which significantly helps with my healing from regular extreme workouts - in the last few years I have actually ramped up my training as I have more time and inspiration, and I absolutely enjoy the healing advantages and relief that cryotherapy offers me between exercises, and an added bonus is that it makes me sleep like a child! Make the time to get a massage! This enjoyment needs to not just be booked for trips - I understand I am better all round when massages are a regular part of my health and appeal regimen. Fall weather for me suggests regular facials ... to keep a healthy, hydrated and ideally younger radiance I go to Go Green Organic Spa.


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