With glitz and a casual glamour, iconic sights like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour with its stunning bridge, there’s a lot to attract visitors to Sydney, Australia. The harbour is buzzing with waterside life, and there’s always a party to attend or a new must-visit restaurant to try. Adrenaline junkies love this place too; the Bridge Climb is a very popular activity, and at 134 metres above the sea, the views are mind-blowing. Despite all this, the lure of the ocean and those fabulous beaches is immense, and any trip to Sydney should include time on or in the water in my opinion! Of course, a visit to Bondi Beach, Freshwater Beach or any of the other eminent beaches is an essential part of the Sydney experience, but there’s also something about spending time on the water in Sydney Harbour or perhaps exploring beaches off the beaten track. Water Limousines Sydney offers the best of both worlds, luxury Sydney Harbour charter cruises and luxury beach picnics, two of the best experiences to do on or around the waters of Sydney!


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