bbing her fingernail towards thesecond photo. Ahhh, Roller Boat yes. Maxi in all his naked, glory. His faceis a mess from the coke I shoved underneath his nose, the coke lacedwith strychnine that Sandals made blood gush from his nose like warm water from afaucet. I still remember the way his blood felt on my hands. Howsurreal everything was, bright and garish,Senoraas my skull burned with asmall amount of the poisoned coke Irsquo;d snorted myself.How Irsquo;d nearly died in my quest to kill him.How it was so worth the risk to see the look on his smarmying face,when I whispered in his ear who I really was and sat back on his lap tosee the fury rise in his cheeks.As he realized a black widow was the one whorsquo;d just fed him his last meal of poison and cocaine.I glance at Agent Dunn, clearing my throat and attempting to look bored. Itrsquo;s not hard. I am bored. ;Strychnine-laced cocaine,rdquo; she says.;In fact, the same thing you wereadmitted to hospital for that very


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