S Traveler is a social media platform (facebook alternative) that allows users to metaphorically travel around the world to meet, learn and keep in touch.As users use an interactive map to navigate through the platform, the community changes accordingly.S Traveler can be used for social interactions only or users can also take advantage of destinations. We are creating destinations in the map that will offer self-development courses, cultural teachings, kitchens, and shops that are relevant to the destination and culture. the goal is for people to learn about culture and people while going on their own self-development journey. Language is no barrier in our platform.People around the world can travel with each other to shop, take the courses, or watch and read content. The platform will also cater to coaches, instructors, speakers, and anything else that is specific to culture, self development and any other wellness and health services like, yoga or meditation.https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/s-traveler-community-travel/x/17900913#/


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